In a week a lot has happened.

Between personal stuff and work stuff (we’ve been in the news at least 3 times in the past week, none of it good – threats of closing the school and state meetings on top of students that give zero respect (which I also don’t understand. they gave me more respect last year and the year before. why the change? one student, obviously displeased that I asked her to get to where she belonged during dismissal referred to me as “that chick” when she eventually started to leave…and the admins are ineffective…supposedly yesterday when one kept her door closed, refusing to see students for 4 hours while she got her hair braided…currently i despise my job) I’m exhausted at the day’s end. Falling asleep by 7:30 kind of tired.

I’m trying to knit some baby gifts for friends, and I don’t even have enough energy to do mindless garter stitch on a mason-dixon bib for more than a few rows.

on the brighter side of life…the Ireland trip is just about a week away!

and i luv the “I can has cheezburer?” site…

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