Working for the weekend

Vacation cannot come soon enough – Friday night (weather permitting!) we’re off to Ireland – and while that in itself is fabulous, I may get to attend an Irish Stitch and Bitch!! My Knitter’s Tea Swap pal was Isobel and she’s in Dublin! We’ve been in contact and I think I have talked Dan into going as well – we’ll be wandering about anyway since we can’t check into the hotel until later in the afternoon, and we could get a bite to eat! I’m sure we’ll be dazed and fazed and even more out of it American tourists, but I really think it’s such a neat plan!

Today in school, the first five minutes of class, I was told the following:
“If you snatched anything away from me I woulda punched you in the face”
“I aint chewin anything! Get your eyes checked”
“You’re racist, picking on us kids” (said by a white girl. I fail to see how, as a white woman I was being racist or sexist even towards her)

Now, I understand kids say things as a defense mechanism or to show to others they are tough, but now this is just harrassment. The same white student who said all three of those quips also has other issues so she was not immediately suspended, but should any other incident happen today she will. I hope she starts her spring vacation early. I’m tired and fed up. Again. (that seems like all I ever write in here anymore.)

One thought on “Working for the weekend

  1. Hi Becca! I got your package today, and have been squeeing loudly and often, and showing off the contents to anyone who stands still long enough around me! See my LJ post for some public exuberance. :)Kids can be such assweasels. I’m sorry you have such a case in your class. Enjoy your trip to Ireland–I know you’ll have a great time! I spent 4 days in Ireland in early August 2006, and it was wonderful. Although we never did get to eat Irish cuisine while we were there, go figure.Thanks for spoiling me so! :DFeel the knitting love…Pam

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