This was a yarn-y goodness weekend. Betsy was up north, so we decided to do a mini yarn crawl. I haven’t bought yarn since the last time she was up in January. We decided to take a trip to WEBS in Northampton – under 2 hours away. Oh my! Why didn’t we ever go before? I have no idea!! It was fantastic! I got to see and touch yarns I had only heard about – I sound like a knitfan, huh? Anyway, I was pretty good about my purchases –

There’s some Blue Sky Cotton to make a Big Bad Baby Blanket, some Lamb’s Pride for making Craft Alien Critters, Lang superwash merino for some possible baby things, Tahki Cotton in a few colors I was missing (I’m thinking maybe a miter square blanket – looking back into the stash, I think I could do that!), Blue Sky Organic Cotton for another Baby Bolero, and some other mercerized cotton for maybe an acorn hat.

It was such a good trip! I’m so antsy to just cast-on for everything right now! Maybe just one new project….


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