This post is full of random content

I got an early birthday (June 20) present today – a new ipod! 80Gb / video baby! Wow – now I need many more video podcasts! Suggestions? Are there knitting videos for the ipods yet? I had a lot of fun moving through the music library – all I want to do is sort through my cds too!

I’ve started the Saturday Market Bag from magknits using Lion Cotton. I think I messed up somewhere – the 4th row repeat didn’t make sense to me – p3? I could p2 and then drop the yo… I had to rip out the first attempt as I misread p2 to be purl 2 together for some odd reason.

Reminder to self: You joined the June XY along at Get Stitchy – make the bowtie.

I picked up a new magazine yesterday, Kiwi – it’s about organic living and stuff. There was a great advertising surprise inside from my new favorite snack company, Fruitabu – there was a magnet, coupon for a free box, iron on transfers and stickers! My other new favorite snack are the Impossibly Good Flat Earth veggie crisps (Garlic and Herb) – serving of veggies while I think I’m eating chips? Excellent.

3 thoughts on “This post is full of random content

  1. the cheddar ones rock, too. it shocked me when i thought i was tasting carrot, and it ended up being pumpkin. still tasty.i hear two different comments about the fruit ones. one says “yummy!” and the other one gags. i guess you’ll just have to make your own decision on those.

  2. Hey Becca — where did you get those flat earth thingies? Foodworks? Did you get your copy of Kiwi there too? Give me a hollar if you want to talk babies anytime… Diapers, gear, breastfeeding, etc. I’m about to switch from disposable diapers to gdiapers. Can’t deal with washing cloth ones, but gdiapers are flushable. Hope it goes well.

  3. did you figure out the saturday market bag yet. I figured it out. this description may sound strange, but for that 4th row pattern, you purl 1 more stitch than you did on the purl row before. Does that make sense. Mine came out great. I am making anohter one right now, using the same lace pattern, but working it in the round. I got your package, you rock. Plan to enjoy that tonight. luv ya, b

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