Eye rolling headaches

I can’t wait for the end of school. I’m trying to see if I can get at least two personal days off in the next two – three weeks. I’ve got a headache from rolling my eyes at the things the kids say and do so much. Actually right now I think the headache is from hunger, but it is almost lunchtime.

I finished my Market bag last night, so I’ll post photos / details on that later.

I finished reading The Namesake – really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing the movie version. I started reading The Wonder Spot with a whole lot of deja vu – I felt like I read the book before, but I think it may have just been the first chapter as a preview in a different book.

Yesterday was kinda a stinky day, but reading Lost Season 3 recap made me giggle. Last night’s episode kept us up talking, and even this morning it was the first thing we talked about.

How did I not know about Knitwhits before? The hats are too cute!!

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