Still Life with Dachshund

After 2 botched attempts, the third time was the charm for my string bag (via magknits) (and some mods I read about on the craftster boards). I ended up casting on 45, knitting the lace repeats 14 times, then instead of binding off and seaming the sides, I cast off some stitches and worked the handle. I then worked the handle on the other side, then seamed up the sides last night. It does stretch quite a bit when there’s actual weight inside of it, but I figure that I can toss it into the wash when needed – I used Lion Cotton, in a natural ecru color. My attempts to get a nice photo were diverted by a fruit sniffing dachshund. Here’s the photo evidence:

Whatcha got in there, huh? I smell…. bananas!?…mango?!….

Ooh, it’s out on the table I can get it!


nudge nudge little mango…

any minute now that mango is mine!

This cheered me up following a horrendous end of the day rudeness of students who told me yea yea I’ll get rid of the cookie then shove it in their mouth and don’t you tell me now woman. And my allergies have kicked up. I am not a happy camper.

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