Project Updates

I finally took pictures of my “Works in Progress”!

First, my “Hope & Donald (Chevron Scarf)”

I’m using Ruby Sapphire yarns – I spotted the “Hope” colorway and bought it immediately – it’s the cranberry colorway. I had this brilliant idea to make a scarf for my Nana using “her” color and one for my Grampa and requested the custom dye job for “Donald” – the colors are inspired by the ocean and the fact that Grampa loved sailing and was a captain. I was not a fast enough knitter to get anywhere near finished for Nana, and now that she’s passed on and I’m sure is back with Grampa (where they belong. They are soulmates.) the scarf is going to be for me, in honor of them.

Next, the KnitPicks Bow Tie

I’m using a sock yarn that I got in a swap and I really like the color, though I’m a little worried about the fuzziness that seems to be happening. It’s tough to knit at night / low light since it’s on size 1!!

I’m also working on a “Big Bad Baby Blanket” using Blue Sky Organic Cotton (yummy) that I think I’ll be keeping. It’s a great tv-knitting pattern. I put it down for a while as I’m almost at the point where there’s a switch in the pattern and I need to wind up another skein. So it’s temporarily on hold. The bow tie has kinda taken top spot as I’m hoping it will be a Father’s Day gift.

And I’m still plodding through the Sock Madness round 1 Mad Cow socks. I like them, they’re easy to do, and really all I have left is the foot. Jackson approves.

Today my energy feels zapped. I’m trying to get through school work. I made banana bread with milk chocolate / peanut butter chocolate chips. Also feels like a lazy day. Like it should be summer vacation. Soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Project Updates

  1. the chevron is great, I am using the chevron pattern (half the width) to make myself a slim scraf to wear with my brown dress. I am using hte kidsilk Haze, so far, so good. Though I thin I need metal needles for it.

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