Camera Play

This weekend somehow went by incredibly fast – especially since on Friday it seemed like there was not much that was going to be going on. Friday was the graduation for the 8th grade at school – it went off pretty well. Now there’s just this week left – and it’s all busy work! Tomorrow I’ll do a lab with the kids I see, I took Tuesday off, Wednesday I’m thinking we’ll do rock salt ice cream, Thursday (half day) maybe the egg drop, Friday (half day) hopefully it’ll just be a movie day….Then Friday night we’re off to New York to see my brother perform his stand-up.

Anyway, this weekend we had friends over and they extended their stay which was a lot of fun. They also brought their bassett hound, so Jackson got to be around another dog which is good for him!

It’s not often that this group is together – cheers! (While I really wanted to enjoy the fruity-rum drinks I did not. Someone has to take photos!)

They played outside and I hung out with the whiny dogs, watching:

The dogs were even more miserable when I walked outside, but I think they were plotting something…

We had a fire (hard to photograph!)

And some fireworks…

Today I went out to an environmental “fair” in town, picked up a lot of information and some lightbulbs. I hope they do this every year – it’s a good idea.

Tonight we’re headed to my parents for dinner, then a neighborhood meeting (a sex offender moved in up the street), and hopefully all that will be done in time for the finale (I can’t believe it) of Sopranos… and then it’s monday again. but I’ve got tuesday off.


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