School’s Out Forever!

Oof, and what a day. I don’t know why kids think that just because it’s the last day of school means they can do whatever they want. Oh wait – that’s what they did all year, why should they bother to show a bit of respect today? Ugh. But it’s done! And I’m done!! And I wasn’t told off (or hit!) they are all bark, no bite. Let the relaxing and knitting begin!!

I went to The Yarn Barn to treat myself – the end of school / my career there and it’s almost my birthday.

I decided to try out some Soft Sea Wool – in the “Dark Pink” colorway – I think it looks like a Kool-Aid color. I also picked up a skein of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton in a natural color to make a baby bolero from the One Skein book. And I splurged to get myself a skein of Lobster Pot Yarn in Salt Rose to make maybe a hat for me – I’ve lusted after that for a while now.

I also decided to open up a new addiction for myself this summer (along with learning crochet, embroidery, cooking, photography and getting ready for baby.) Louet’s Drop Spindle Kit – oh baby!

There’s a beautiful navy, aqua / teal, and copper fibers inside…

That’s all positive. There is negative though:

Those kids and their nonstop talking during the movie and then my having to look up and redirect them to stop talking. Somehow I missed the cast on for the next square – so my scarf went from 5 squares across to 4 squares across. Not a huge deal, but if this is going to be a potential Christmas gift, I want it perfect. I was only 6 repeats in (out of 26) so I will frog it and start over. I’ve got the time.

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