29 and doing fine

Having a birthday is a pretty good way to start off a vacation (or retirement, however you want to look at it). Yesterday I turned 29, which I’m still trying to wrap my brain around – I don’t feel 29, I don’t look 29 (so I hear), but I’m okay with being 29 so I suppose that’s all that counts. I spent the day getting a whole lot of peace and quiet – I played with my yarn, read a bit, knit a bit, watched some dumb tv shows, did whatever I wanted when I wanted, went out for sushi (only veggie rolls for me) and then for ice cream. A very good birthday indeed. And I have the best husband ever – he and Betsy tried to plan a surprise visit for me, but life happens and she couldn’t make it – next time! He also surprised me with presents:

T-shirt from noisebot.com – feels so soft!

Drop spindle kit from Flawful Fibers on etsy!!! eeeeeeee!! I’m so excited! he was a bit annoyed with me for buying that other one on monday – I truly forgot I sent him the link to etsy and it was a total impulse buy!! I’m hoping to try it out today….

I’ve started my sock for Summer of Socks – I’m using Reynolds Sea Wool that I bought on Monday (love this yarn BTW) and I *think* it’s the “Go with the Flow” socks from the Favorite Socks book (I don’t have the book in front of me to confirm that) – I’ve got the cuff done and I’m starting on the leg. After lunch I’m thinking I’ll pop in a Muppet Movie dvd and keep at it.

I am excited to start a new pair of socks (even though I do still have to finish Dan’s socks…) because I finally finished my Sock Madness pair!! That only took several months. They were hibernating. Oh well. They were my first pair with a short row heel and I think I liked the making of that sort of heel, but fit wise I like the heel flap. I put them on this morning for photo ops and then forgot to take them off – very comfy!

One thought on “29 and doing fine

  1. Happy Birthday (better late than never). Remember when it comes to age, attitude is half the battle.Welcome to the wide wonderful wooly world of handspinning! It does get easier/better with practice and it is very relaxing once you get the hang of it. Also highly addictive!

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