Sock Progress

I started my Go with the Flow Socks – so far they seem to be moving along well, I think I’m only going to do 15 repeats on the leg, not the 20 in the pattern. I am really enjoying working with the Reynolds Soft Sea Wool too.

As far as my other work-in-project (aka I’m so crafty I make people! great stuff!) we sat in 2 hours of traffic today on the way to the ultrasound appointment – for nothing! I didn’t see any emergency road work being done. Sheesh. Anyway this is cool:

Doesn’t this little foot need a sock? or booties? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sock Progress

  1. A baby!!!!!!!!! Hurray! The most crafty thing you can do! (I told my son I made him out of spare parts, lol)do you know the sex? ’cause I might be tempted to make some baby stuff and send it your way. Go Team #1~Collccn

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