Socks! (it’s still summer right?)

Yay! I finished the “Go with the flow” socks šŸ™‚ I used Reynolds Sea Wool yarn, 2 skeins, and really enjoyed this pattern. It was pretty easy to memorize / see as it happened (although if I knit it at night I tended to get sleepy while working on it), and overall fairly quick. They would have been done sooner if I hadn’t stopped everything to work on hats for Gram. I’m so proud of the heel flap / gusset – I’m getting better!
Go with the flow socks Go with the flow socks II

As far as the hats go, Gram really liked the Chicknits bucket hat – it looked cute on her. The “Floppy Brim” hat really wasn’t floppy or with much of a brim, even on her head without hair. It was given back to me with “You could add to the brim right?” Sure Gram. Anything for her, I’ll try it.

I finished a baby hat, from Leigh Radford’s One Skein book. This hat was really quick and easy and I love how it came out. I’m hoping that it will actually fit my baby’s head – only time will tell I guess. Till then Opus is getting quick a wardrobe.
One Skein baby hat

What to knit next? I could be working on the baby blanket, the Hope&Donald scarf, or any of the other projects that are hibernating in one of my bags upstairs. OR I could try to pick something from the 4 pages I’ve got on ravelry. Hrm.


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