Yadda Yadda Yadda

There really isn’t too much thrilling to post about, so heads up – this is a mundane post.

1)In my love of reality shows I have found a lost love of my childhood! The Coreys – it’s a reunion of sorts between Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. I had the biggest crush on Corey Haim – huge! And now, watching this show I feel sorta sad for him. It’s a massive train wreck.

2)Somehow I found the motivation to get the craft room in order so that we can start moving furniture – from a guest bedroom into the craft room so that the old guest bedroom can become the baby’s room. I found a few old WIPs, including a pair of socks that I know I didn’t work on since before I was married (at least 3 years these socks have sat in the box) – I don’t really like them too much, I don’t know what kind of yarn I used, and they are not a good show of what I can do (they do show how far I have come). I was thinking about frogging them, but really there’s just a little bit left and a toe on one of them, so I may as well finish them up.
Finish or Frog? Look at those toes!

3)It’s been hot. Even the dog has taken to sitting in his own chair, spread eagle to cool off.
Spread Eagle

4)Jackson finally has a hot dog toy to play with. A weiner for a weiner (who is really whiney right now). Love the expression on the toy’s face:
Look at your toy!

5)Read a few cute / funny books – Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay and Baby Laughs – mildly enlightning, fluffy reads, an interesting change from the information overload about fetal development I’ve been on. Somehow I keep skipping over all the actual birth stories, labor and delivery, and I cannot watch any of those shows on TLC or Discovery Health.


5 thoughts on “Yadda Yadda Yadda

  1. So funny, I just found long-neglected socks too! I’m not quite as close to the finish line as you are though, so I’m not sure I’ll actually finish.

  2. I soooo almost got that sippy cups book for you and karen. I thought it was HI-Larious. Okay, off to work. the next week is going to SUCK!!!! but alass, it is almost over. i just have to find a job now. That would be lovely. b

  3. I watched A Baby Story constantly when I was pregnant. Turns out it helped me exactly zero when I delivered. You’re not missing much!I found The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy to be a fun fluff read (but I couldn’t read the labor & delivery chapter, either).Good luck with yours 🙂

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