The Human Element

Checking the blogs this morning, on my Science Blogs feed one of the first posts is Genomes Sock – yay! Reminded me that I want to knit that sock. Good way to start the week I think.

I really like the Dow Human Element ad campaign. I want to make a blanket that is the periodic table of elements…could it be done, easily?

I also really like this commercial, don’t know why – the ferret attacking makes me laugh:

I’m going to install this later today, seems like a good idea:
CO2 Saver

Things I need to blog about: photos of the baby hats, carolina sock, miss dashwood…my virtual vacation swap pal package…L&V daily chum (felting in a mixer! woodland shawl!) we’re on the same wavelength.


One thought on “The Human Element

  1. I don’t see why a periodic table blanket would be difficult; it’s a chart, and the cells are generally shaped like knit stitches — taller than they are wide. 😀

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