Candy Corn

This weekend we’re going to a friend’s “Ocktoberfest”. They had a little boy back in May and I never got around to sending them anything that I did knit (tomato hat, mason dixon bib) – I am going to keep those items. Instead, I took the opportunity to knit up some more seasonal themed items. I’m working on a pumpkin hat from “Itty Bitty Hats” and last night I started and finished a Candy Corn Hat from Skeins and Beans. I made the small size (baby) as the little guy is 5 months old. The hat seems really tiny to me, but it’s go stretch. His mom is a nurse who I think works in the NICU, so if it doesn’t fit she can give it to the preemies. I used Plymouth Dreambaby DK for the yellow and orange and they are fantastic! It’s a nice soft hat too. I would make this again.
Candy Corn Hat Jackson as candy corn

8 thoughts on “Candy Corn

  1. That is the cutest thing ever! If I lived near a yarn source I would rush out and get the yarn tomorrow. Jackson seems like a very willing model. Will we see a costume soon?

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