The insurance apparently has been fixed – we’ve been added to Dan’s insurance through work – I can leave the house again! 🙂

In all the digging I’ve been doing, I’m composing a rather nasty letter to send off to Connecticare, Blumenthal (the state AG), my former employer, the CT Dept. of Insurance and CT Dept. of Consumer affairs. Apparently dropping a pregnant woman from COBRA insurance due to an employer’s nonpayment of premiums is quite ugly and unfair, but somehow still legal. Yes, we have insurance now, and I should probably stop the whining, but I’m sorry, that’s just not right. There’s something seriously wrong with healthcare in America.

2 thoughts on “Relief

  1. I’m glad you’re covered again – some insurance plans consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition and refuse to cover it! Seriously broken is an understatement. Don’t forget a note to your state and national representatives – it’s not whining, it’s their reason for existence. Oh, and I trust you got a full, prompt, and cheerful refund of your COBRA payments for the period you weren’t covered.

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