An Unoriginal Post

A finished object! The Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot.
My Unoriginal Hat
Yarn: Fat Sheep Yarn, Raspberry colorway, from Farmhouse Yarns
Mods: I used two US11 (8.00mm) circulars because I don’t have 7mm dpns but I do have a big head.
Other notes: It could be pregnancy brain or just not paying attention, but for whatever reason I started knitting this on US7 needles (that’s only 4.5mm!) and when I was reading the chart I was working it backwards / upside down as is my usual for cables. It looked like crap. I reread the pattern, found the appropriate needles, and also found the written out instructions! Don’t know how I missed those before. The end result is a rather snug head hugging hat, it’s quite warm. It will also match two of the scarves I wear regularly so that’s good.

In baby related news, as some people have asked: I’m feeling ok (but tired of getting in the way of myself. I would like to be able to bend over to put on socks or pull a blanket up from the other end of the couch. Or roll over in bed easily. And I’d like to be rid of the heartburn.) The due date is Thanksgiving. That’s one week from this coming Thursday. At my appointment on Monday I was actually 1cm dilated, so that’s good, but still doesn’t mean much more than this is really going to happen. Dan has only two more days at work (he’s starting a new job end of Nov / early Dec) so it would be great for Baby to decide to arrive this week.

And that’s about it. Some of my WIP I’ve decided are just going to hibernate till spring. I’ve still got startitis. Oh and my grandmother has requested a second doorknob cosy. 🙂

3 thoughts on “An Unoriginal Post

  1. You know, I did exactly the same thing with the needles- started knitting on 7’s decided it was way too small, sized up to what seemed reasonable and only when I went to enter the project on Ravelry did I realize I’d misread the pattern. Sheesh! Nice hat 🙂

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