Jive Turkey

First off, thanks to those who commented about the police tape scarf – the consensus is that it is a good idea, so I jumped in and cast on. So far I’ve got “Do Not” done – I’m going to adjust it slightly so it says “Do Not Cross Crime Scene” and repeat that. I’m using acrylic and it’s curling, but I’ll deal with that later.

A major thanks to Sara of goingcrafty.com – she let me know about her Jive Turkey Baby Hat pattern. Of course I knit it up. I used US 6 needles and cast on only 64 to make it a little smaller, in the hopes that Baby will arrive this week and actually be able to wear it. Otherwise, guaranteed I will make it again for next year 🙂 It was a really quick knit and I expect it will get a big response when it does get shown off (this year or next). For now, Jackson is my model. Happy early Thanksgiving!

Jackson Jive Turkey
Turkey Dachshund

3 thoughts on “Jive Turkey

  1. The hat is wonderful! I have three days until I go home for Thanksgiving, guess what I’ll be making for my two month old niece?And Jackson’s expression of “will you just take the picture and give me my dignity back” is priceless – I will have to do the same to my cats.

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