Hi there! You have reached Dan & Becca.

We haven’t forgotten to call you. The baby just isn’t here yet. Trust us – we will let you know when the kiddo decides to arrive. Or when the doctors decide to “bring in the dynamite”.

If you still are interested in talking to us, leave a message. In a nutshell, Dan’s new job is going well and Becca is waiting as patiently as she can. Sorry we don’t have anything more exciting to tell you 🙂


And the really funny thing is that aside from my mom and Betsy checking on me (and the other knitters online / blog readers) everyone is calling Dan!! 🙂 Our phone has not rung so much ever!

The nonstress test / ultrasound stuff yesterday went well – heartbeat is fine, my blood pressure is fine, the amniotic fluid levels were on the low side. Kick counts have been ok too. I go for another nonstress test on Friday afternoon. Currently I’m waiting for the doctor to call me back to find out if the next step is just scheduling a regular appointment or if we go forward with induction.

Happy thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Beep.

  1. *lol* I have to admit, I got pretty frustrated with people when they kept asking me when I was going to have that baby. Hang in there, they always do decide to come out and play. 😉

  2. IT’s A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Okay, I leaked it. It is true. Lorelai Hope was born at 10:19. 9lb 2 oz. Aparently she was just fattening herself up on Thanksigiving dinner and was waiting for more. Becca is doing great. To quote Dan “She is amazing”

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