Dogs on Thursday – Pack Expansion

Since we brought Lorelai home, we’ve kept a close eye on Jackson. He’s actually done much better than we thought he would with her – he keeps a close eye on her, constantly sniffs her and will lay down next to her rocker or on my lap when she’s eating. Maybe it’s a dog thing – when we went to RI this past weekend to celebrate Nana’s birthday my uncle’s mini schnauzers were the same way! Here’s the photographic evidence.

Jackson is on guard
Hey Jackson
Hello doggy!
Jethro is on guard

4 thoughts on “Dogs on Thursday – Pack Expansion

  1. You’re right, it’s pack mentality. My family’s dachshund did the same thing when I was born. Only it got to the point that one parent had to go for the baby while the other went for the dog every time I would cry. The one night they didn’t do that, she clawed a hole through the drywall at the top of the basement stairs trying to get to me.

  2. Lorelai is so pretty. I don’t know if you read Hershey the Doglet’s blog( but they had a baby last year and I think their doxie adjusted pretty well.

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