Thank you for the comments about my grandfather – they mean a lot. It’s been a crazy week with all that business, and Lorelai is a happy distraction. She brought a smile to everyone’s face and it didn’t hurt that she was very well behaved!

I wanted to knit, but since Monday (??? maybe. I can’t remember) I haven’t physically knit a stitch, they’ve all been in my head. Hopefully today I can finish the nose for the snowman hat and get that sewn up.

I’ve been reading – at night before we go to bed since there’s been nothing on tv. I finished The Good Good Pig – it was a quick, light-hearted read. Very enjoyable. I’ve started The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and I can’t put it down. I’ve even taken to nursing Lorelai in my bedroom so I can sit on the bed propped up with pillows and read while she eats. Striking.

At a belated-holiday-let’s-get-together-anyway-party last night Lorelai finally met the rest of her great-aunts / uncles and cousins. I think she’s met the family now. And we found out about another baby on the way. Between family, family friends and friends, there are babies that I want to knit something for due in May, June, July, and August! I’m going to be making baby hats all spring 🙂

I’ve found that it’s best (and easiest for now) to photograph the wee one in the morning when I wake her up – the light is good and she’s in a good mood. These are some of my recent favorites:
Good Morning Smiley!
Ah yes...


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