Photo-heavy post. We can start with knitting – when Lorelai is wrapped up in the moby wrap, I have my hands free to type, blog, knit, etc – see?
I can knit!
She doesn’t look very comfortable, but it worked for our walk and she’s been snoozing in it / on me for the last 30 minutes or so. Here are the photos pre / post walk:
I'm pregnant again
It is one of those nice New England in winter days – nice in the sun, not windy – just right for a walk if you bundle up properly. So, she was wrapped and tucked into the moby wrap, with a hat (direct from Peru thanks to Uncle Dan and Aunt Virginia), and I wore / zipped up Dan’s fleece that fit over both of us. Worked well, and we all (Jackson included) got some fresh air. I may have to do this for SnB!

Before we got up and walking, I was plaing around with my camera. I think this is one I’ll enter in the local fairs this summer:

And in playing around with my camera, I rediscovered the “continuous” setting – Evolution of a Smile:
Evolution of a Smile
I think it would be cool to put that on a notecard or something….

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