Hanging out at the Gym (Dogs on Thursday)

Do you see what I see?
Lorelai’s toys (not that there are many) are in the same room as Jackson’s toys. It’s where we all hang out, so there’s bound to be overlap. And many baby toys are just like the dog toys – bright colors, squeaky, rattles, crinkly. So it’s only natural (to us) that we put them both down on the mat to enjoy. Actually, Jackson’s been really good so far with that gym. We thought for sure he would try to nip at the handing toys – he’s only gone after the pillow a few times and then it was to get our attention. He tried to hump it once as well, but it’s soft and so it collapsed as he put his paws on the arches – that was the end of that.


Stars Hollow-ish

Small towns in New England have the best police reports sometimes. Like this one, from my town’s “Police Incident Report” (which used to be way more fun when they would print people’s names and ages!):
A resident trapped in an elevatore was reported at the monastery on SomeSuch Road, 10:53am. Fire department personnel responded to reset the elevator and free the nun.

Free the nun!

That just makes me giggle.

Pixie Hat or Suction Cup?

I’ve been putting off finishing the larger knit items – Lorelai’s blanket, the Amelie dress, my Bartholomew socks… I thought the Pixie Hat would be really cute. I had made Lorelai Christmas themed hats, and the snowman didn’t quite work out, and it’s been so cold she needs something on her head when we go out. Something girl-ish, as her coat is blue, and with her mop of hair no one notices the pink blanket, so they assume she’s a he. I’ve got the hat from Dan and Virginia’s Peru trip, and it’s adorable on her! Anyway, I dug around in one of the stash boxes and found this purple-ish yarn, pretty sure it’s wool, and thought it would be perfect. I knit it up, and put it on and…
Wee Pixie Hat
It’s way too small. Dan coined it as being rather suction cup like.
Pixie Hat or Suction Cup?
Unintentionally then, I’ve knit the first charity baby hat (out of 30 that are on my 1001 list). It’s really cute, and I might add the ties to it as I still have some yarn left. Quick knit, a good break / distraction from the seaming, ball winding and gauge checking that awaits me with the other projects.

Yoga, interrupted

I love tivo. It dawned on me the other day that I could set a wishlist for “yoga” and get some new routines available to me without buying a dvd. I found Inhale with Steve Ross on Oxygen – I used to watch / do this when I was in grad school. It’s yoga with fun upbeat music, the guy cracks jokes the whole time and it’s hard. I forgot how hard, as this was not the best routine to do after being pregnant / having a baby /not doing much of anything since, oh, I don’t know – october? I maybe got through half of it (and thanks to tivo, skipped over the really hard middle section). Towards the end, I hear this rattle noise. I can’t see Jackson anywhere, so I figure that he’s playing with one of his toys, but I can’t recall which one. I got up and walked around the room and found him.
New Hiding Spot
Look under the table – he’s in the baby’s seat – (baby is upstairs in her crib) – he was burying the bone I gave him to ocupy him earlier.
Gnaw gnaw

I see you watching me
Silly dachshund.

"Itty Bitty" Snowman

My first FO for 2008! It’s the Snowman hat from “Itty Bitty Hats” – I used stash yarns (black – red heart, white – caron simply soft, red – debbie bliss merino dk, orange – kitchen cotton).
Snowman Hat
You might not notice it as modeled by Elvis the dcuk, but it’s really tall. I either mismeasured or misread something. Oh well, it’s still kinda cute / funny! Lorelai is still undecided.
It's a little big
Maybe it's ok

Thank you for the comments about my grandfather – they mean a lot. It’s been a crazy week with all that business, and Lorelai is a happy distraction. She brought a smile to everyone’s face and it didn’t hurt that she was very well behaved!

I wanted to knit, but since Monday (??? maybe. I can’t remember) I haven’t physically knit a stitch, they’ve all been in my head. Hopefully today I can finish the nose for the snowman hat and get that sewn up.

I’ve been reading – at night before we go to bed since there’s been nothing on tv. I finished The Good Good Pig – it was a quick, light-hearted read. Very enjoyable. I’ve started The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and I can’t put it down. I’ve even taken to nursing Lorelai in my bedroom so I can sit on the bed propped up with pillows and read while she eats. Striking.

At a belated-holiday-let’s-get-together-anyway-party last night Lorelai finally met the rest of her great-aunts / uncles and cousins. I think she’s met the family now. And we found out about another baby on the way. Between family, family friends and friends, there are babies that I want to knit something for due in May, June, July, and August! I’m going to be making baby hats all spring 🙂

I’ve found that it’s best (and easiest for now) to photograph the wee one in the morning when I wake her up – the light is good and she’s in a good mood. These are some of my recent favorites:
Good Morning Smiley!
Ah yes...


(I started this post earlier in the week and almost forgot about it..)
Spit-up happens. Lorelai’s not big on the spit up – it happens from time to time, but overall it’s not a common thing. A little drip or drool here / there, no big deal. Imagine my surprise when she spit up what seemed like a lot and it got all over my sweater. No big deal. We go upstairs to change, I took off the sweater and after I wrapped her up held her to me. She spit up again, this time managing to get the spit up to go down the inside of my tank top. That takes talent.