5 Songs that…

In blog surfing this morning I came across Alex Year One and couldn’t resist a “5 songs” list. So, a day late, here’s my 5 songs that remind me of high school.

The Indigo Girls – Closer to Fine

reminds me of my first boyfriend. haunting.

I still love all these songs….


2 thoughts on “5 Songs that…

  1. How did I introduce you to barenaked ladies? Clearly that clicked on well with you. This was a fun post. I, of course, put more than 5. You know me and music, you can’t limit me. Why do I not have a nano, because I can’t put enough music on one, that’s why. luv yab

  2. Delurking because I just moaned out loud – high school songs? Those are total college songs for me, in fact all but one already on a college playlist on my iPod. I felt old for a moment, there.And then I realized I’ve been old for a while now, no big deal. Kids do that.I wandered here through Ravelry, and since I’m here I’ll also offer my congratulations on a gorgeous family and fabulous knitting. As if I wasn’t itching for another baby already…

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