Swatches & Socks & "Sweats" oh my!

A few days later than I intended, but that’s life.

I finished my “Lenore” socks! 10 days, baby! How wonderful is that? I’m so glad that I stuck with it past the fiddly purls and yarn-overs in the beginning part of the lace pattern. This was also my first time to knit with Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club yarn, love it. I am a little concerned with the dye coming off on my hands and needles while I knit, hopefully not too much will come off when I wear them.

I swatched! I’m very excited for this project – full of glee for “Glee” from Zephyr Girls – the yarn is elspeth lavold silky wool is a dusty rose color. I haven’t checked the gauge of the swatch yet, but the swatch is there. I didn’t realize when I bought the yarn for “Glee” that the week before I had bought the same yarn, the exact same color for a project for L.! Mommy & Me project? Not quite, though I would love to have adult sized garments of many of her clothes!
Glee swatch

I’m also working on a pair of “Baby Bell Bottoms” for L. I was inspired by another knitter on ravelry who used 2 skeins of Koigu and got the 3-6 month size. I have 2 skeins of Koigu in my stash… and so I cast on. One leg is done and the second leg is started. It’s a great purpley-pink colorway. These will be cute little sweat pants.
Baby Bell Bottoms WIP

That makes me happy on this gray, rainy day, surrounded by spit up. Dan was sick all night and called in to work today. He’s down and out. Poor guy. And Lorelai is a spit up machine, but she seems to think it is funny.

This photo is from Friday – gotta clean up that mirror!
Checking you out

5 thoughts on “Swatches & Socks & "Sweats" oh my!

  1. Great socks. I have to get some of that STR. The dark colors are great. I like the pants. The colors are nice and girly. That baby is to cute! (if I haven’t already told you a hundred times) She really has to be one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. Well after my own of course!! and I am not just saying that to be nice.

  2. I have got to remember to join that sock club next year. I have an actual, physical need for those socks, but have to wait now for the pattern to be released to us plebians.Hooray for tummy-time and mirrors. I found that I went sort of physically deaf to the spit-up right about the time that mine stopped spitting up quite so much. I still reflexive check my shoulders on certain outfits before I leave the house, and my son weaned three years ago.

  3. Hi Becca-finally got a chance to check out your blog. I love the socks. 10 days? Im in awe! So glad I decided to join you guys Thursday morns. I am ALMOST done with my first pair of socks! Hoorey!!

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