Watch out Project Runway

My baby is fierce! Doesn’t her hair look like Christian’s?

Anyway, she’s ready to strut her stuff in her new pants! Dan was quite polite about my interest in making these – he questions “Why do babies need pants?” each time I dress her in a non-onesie-zip-up-sleep-and-play outfit. Baby Bell Bottoms by Alison. I gave up on the braided cord and just added a button, sewn to the elastic. Cute and simple! And they fit (for the moment – I made the 6 month size. We’ll get a few wears out of them!)
New Pants!

Jackson didn’t want to be left out, though I suspect he was quite happy to not have to model the finished object!
I'm in the photo too!

I also found a tomato hat that I forgot I had made back in the fall. It just fits her head! I’ll have to make more for the spring – cotton would be ok then.
Fruit Hat

7 thoughts on “Watch out Project Runway

  1. LOL, I bet Jackson has a whole new appreciation for the baby now that he’s realized he doesn’t have to model anymore!!!She is *so* cute in those pants! And her cute little face in that tomato hat? Beyond words! You must make more! And I see that girl knows how to work the camera *already*, with that coquettish smile, LOL!

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