Dogs on Thursday

In keeping with my 101 list, I’m trying to shoot a roll of film each month. That’s actual film, negatives, not digital. I have a very basic SLR that I adore, but I am still learning how to use it properly. The fun part is seeing what pictures I actually get among all the others that are blurry, out of focus, not well light, too well lit, etc. Here’s my favorite:
No fair!!
This picture was not staged, and really my baby does not wail often. I find it funny because she has so much around her to occupy her / keep her happy and yet Jackson is on her play gym, in her space.

I got a series of good shots of Jackson, in my opinion, so we’ll just shine the spotlight on him.
Jackson Mosaic

Little knitting to report as of now – getting ready for Easter, we’re hosting!


9 thoughts on “Dogs on Thursday

  1. Hey, nice pics! That one of the babe is too funny!All is good here, in case you were wondering…just run-of-the-mill flu! Sorry to have to leave early, but hopefully everyone will be in top form for next week! Fingers crossed!

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