Spring Knits

I’ve finished some things and made progress on others:
Happy Spring
Jackson modelling IMG_3166
From Itty-Bitty Hats, the Upside-Down Daisy hat. It’s the 0-6 month size, and it fits, but is just a little bit snug. It’s a cute hat though and gets lots of attention when we’re out. A good hat for spring I think. Jackson is still a good model, even if he’s out of practice.

I finished clue #1 last night for the Mystic Light KAL! I’m quite impressed with myself – in the past I have joined KALs but never follow through with them. So far, so good. Four more clues to go.
Mystic Light KAL clue #1
Not the best picture, a little blurry, I didn’t want to use the flash so the color would show better, and I haven’t bothered to pin it out to show the lace / cables. The yarn is “Dream in Color (Smooshy) – Dusky Aurora” grey-blues-purples, very much me.

And I participated in a very quick swap, the “Wee Sock Swap”. I actually made two socks and loved the second one (it has a nicer toe) and popped it into the mail before I remembered about taking a picture! Whoops.
Wee Sock #1
I should have put something next to the sock for scale… the sock is under 3 inches!

While all that is good, I’m bored with my current projects! I think I’ll be taking things off the needles and starting over (bye bye Nutkins!) I really should get going on the baby gifting – need to wind up the yarns. I’m in the endless section of stockinette on Glee, so that’s good tv knitting. I want to swatch (?! want to swatch? amazing!) for the Central Park Hoodie.


2 thoughts on “Spring Knits

  1. OK, the hat? Just a little too cute. I’m not yet working on #3 – trying, though – and just might have to pick up a copy of that book when the time comes.

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