I’m in a knitting limbo. I don’t feel like giving attention to any of my projects on the needles, can’t decide what new project to start and then there’s the consideration that I’m travelling in 2 weeks for 10 days and what will I bring then? I’m surrounded by my knitting projects in progress and it is time to figure out what needs to be done.

1) Amelie Dress – needs ends woven in, buttons on the shoulder, and seaming at the bottom (which I think I will leave undone, so it can be more tunic like as Lorelai grows)

2) Nutkin socks – started, but I feel like the cuff is huge. I think I’m sending this to the frog pond and will start over (perhaps with to try 2-at-a-time socks)

3) Mingus socks – started, but not loving it and not addicted to it yet. Another candidate for the frog pond and starting over (2-at-a-time socks or Cat Bordhi’s book)

4) Mystic Light shawl – I do like working on this project, but it requires attention.

5) Glee – Need to wind up more yarn, I’m in the st-st part of the body for the next 6 inches or so. I really want this to be done in time for my trip. May or may not happen

6) Central Park Hoodie – swatched, and I have to use 9’s and 7’s. Need to locate my 7s and I think I need to buy a US9 circular – maybe not, I want to use bamboo, only have straights in the 9 size…

7) Baby genius burp cloth – started one for simple car knitting, also trying to use stash. OMGWTFBBQ?! It’s the most hideous colors! I liked them in the ball – bright pink, orange, green, yellow – kind of neon-ish, but the way it’s working up looks like tye-dye gone bad. Going to finish it either for a car cloth or burp cloth – certainly won’t feel bad when it gets spit on.

8) Baby gift that is in pieces – need to get the stuffing and get to work and put it together.

9) Other baby gifts – assortment of hats, burp cloths, kimonos? Need to wind the yarn. And just get started.

10) Brigid socks – on the toe of the first sock. The weather is getting warmer, so I’m not in need of these house socks, that’s really the only reason they have gone to the back burner.

11) Hope & Donald Chevron scarf (upstairs, not near me but it’s lingering) Just takes a while.

Considerations for the trip:
On the plane: burp cloths / hats – bamboo circulars or dpns, straightforward patterns
Vacation destination: Mystic Light, maybe – looks impressive. Socks? Easy to transport. Hope & Donald? good chance to add more length.

I need to get to work on these…

4 thoughts on “Evaluation

  1. Hey, bring a UFO each week to our little group, and make yourself work on that! Maybe by working on it you will get inspired to finish it!I just realized I can’t come to group next week and you can come the week after, wah!

  2. I’m having the same problem! At knitting on Monday one suggestion was to go ahead and frog anything that you don’t like. Another was to put all the uninspiring ufo’s into a box in the attic and forget about them. Frog a little, knit a little, hide a little… : )

  3. Socks are great for traveling. try them in a cotton blend. Knitpicks has some in great colors. My knitting is what I pack first when I travel. I love your pictures of the pup and your sweet baby. I am visiting from dogs on thursday and I am enjoying your blog.

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