Home for a rest

Ahh, it’s rainy, dreary and cold here in CT. Welcome home after a week in Virgin Gorda, BVI – where it was sunny and warm and even a little humid all the time! We went down for a wedding and extended our stay for a vacation – it was fantastic!

since I’ve got more than 500 photos loading into snapfish, I’ll share just a few with you here and give the quick run-down of the week.

Monday, we flew down – Hartford to Puerto Rico to Virgin Gorda, and began our stay at Cool Runnings our own villa! We shared the place with a married couple we have known since we were all dating in college. Lorelai stayed at home with the grandparents – she was greatly missed, but it was nice to have a vacation that was just “us”. We swam in the ocean (so warm!), watched the sunset at went out to the Rock Cafe for drinks and apps.
This was the nightly view from our porch:

Tuesday we relaxed and went snorkeling (cross that off my 101 list!) – we spotted a sea turtle and 2 squids in with all the fish and coral! Amazing! That night there was a “welcome” gathering – the food was so delicious – fresh coconut shrimp, jerk chicken, pork – yummy! The bride’s family hosted at their villa and they had an even better view:
Island Magic

Wednesday we relaxed again. Hit the beach (the Baths are incredible!), napped, drank, read, I knit. Good times!
Good Times
I started a sock on the plane ride down – “Tidal Wave” sock pattern, Tofutsies yarn. So nice to just do a little each day. And have rum. Painkillers. Bushwackers. Rum & Coke. It’s all good. I didn’t knit too many mistakes 🙂 On wednesday night we went to the Mine Shaft Cafe for sunset (it was cloudy) and dinner – we had the drink of the house “The Cave-In” – they don’t tell you what’s in it (the menu description is all wingdings font!) but it was smooth going down!
Cave-Ins at the Mineshaft

Thursday, more of the same – relaxing, going to the beach, knitting, napping, drinking. Oh yeah, and the reason we were there – the wedding. This was my first time at a beach wedding – aren’t the bride and groom cute?
Bride & Groom

Friday even more relaxing, beaching, knitting, napping, drinking. We went over to Leverick Bay for a pig roast on the beach – delicious! And apparently we missed any information about the dancers because we were surprised to see Moka Jumbies – there were 6 dancing all about and were quite talented!
Jumbies Dancers 3
(Dan is 5’10, I’m 5’8″!)

Saturday to continue the relaxation, we had spa treatments! A sea salt scrub (OMG, so good, bye bye dead new england dry skin!) followed by an aloe wrap and massage! Excellent! We also went to the Bitter End which was just ok in the grand scheme of the week, and Saba Rock which was better than the Bitter End, but still just ok. We still “the captain in us” to quote a rum company –
Got a little captain in you?

Sunday we took it easy (big surprise) – just like all the other days – and ended with tapas (yummy) at Chez Bamboo

Monday we returned – It’s good to be home – Really good to see the baby especially. Photos of the knitting will have to be at another time. For now, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite photos of the trip – this grasshopper who was just hanging out poolside on one of the lounge chairs, my reflection in dan’s sunglasses and another grasshopper on the glass sliding doors. I’m thinking to enter the grasshopper photos in the country fairs this fall.
Hello Grasshopper
Playing around
Bug & Reflection 2

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