I’ve got upwards of 50 family and friends coming over this weekend for Lorelai’s baptism. Not a big problem, but a lot of prep work. This morning we found ants all over the garden window / kitchen sink window. RRGGH. Can’t find where they are coming from – see nothing under the sink, there are cracks around the window frame and the window is actually a second story window. Ick ick ick. I’ve put out Terro Liquid Ant Killer / Bait – they are having a little feasting party. That’s how it works, but it’s driving me mad!

This makes me laugh however:
see more dog pictures


4 thoughts on “Whelmed

  1. I think this is the time of year when the ants are on the move. I always see them in my kitchen for a couple weeks each spring and then the disappear just as mysteriously. I hope you can banish them!

  2. I had a problem last year. I used the Torro stuff to but look outside and see if you see any ant hills. Torro makes a great out door one to. If you put them outside near any ant hills that are close to your house it will also help with the ants coming inside. I kept seeing small black ants in this big stream across my driveway every morning. Didn’t bother with them till they came in the house. I put the traps out in the afternoon. By the next morning they were gone. No black stream across the driveway. That stuff really works!!

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