Trying to make one post to cover everything. First, it is Thursday, so there’s a Jackson spotlight for Dogs on Thursday:
Smile Jackson
He’s been pretty good since we returned from vacation. Only one accident in the house (we give him one free pass when he comes back to us) and he’s uber-affectionate. Kisses all around, especially for the baby:

More kisses

She doesn’t seem to mind too much:
One more kiss?

Yay for harmony in the house.

There is knitting in this post too – seems like it has been a while, but I’ve mostly been knitting baby genius burp cloths a la Mason-Dixon – it’s now my easy, mindless, grab and go project!
burp cloths
(gosh, Lorelai looks like a little kid here!)

I’m just about done with a sweater for Lorelai too:
mistakes & kisses
(More kisses!) I knit and finished the first sleeve, then last night I was working on the second sleeve and realized I didn’t decrease enough times. Whoops. So, I plan to un-do the left sleeve bind off and work back about 8 rows to redo. At least it’s not a huge mistake. The sweater is maybe a 6-9month size, so I do have a little bit of time.

Other bits about my life recently – the ants seem to be taken care of – had tons last night at the baits, cleared out the counter and put out new ones last night – nothing this morning, and I put out new ones this morning – so far, nothing. I’ll give it another day still.

My favorite band, Barenaked Ladies have put out a children’s cd – “Snacktime” – it’s really cute. Totally “them” and nothing so annoyingly catchy that I’ll be humming it all day. Love it!

Today out at knitting with Mad-Knitter I got to meet another blogger-knitter: Wifemomknitter – so much fun!

I’m also loving:Motherhood Uncensored

7 thoughts on “Kisses

  1. Oh, I love the sweater, and I really love the color!!! You’ll have to bring it in one day!! I’m so glad your ant problem is settling down! Have a wonderful time this weekend! It should be lots of fun. I forgot my godson’s baptism…cloth or whatever back at the pew when he got baptized. If you have one of those, don’t forget it, LOL!

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