Baby sweater!

Finally, I’ve got photos of my knits! This weekend I made pretty good progress on all my knits – I finished Lorelai’s sweater, a market bag I’m test knitting, I pulled the Bobbi Bear out of hibernation, and I’ve just about finished one sock (the toe needs kitchnering). The Seamless Baby Kimono was made using Tahki Cotton Classic that I had in my stash. Hot Pink. I dig it, and I think Lorelai does too. I used two skeins and a little bit of a third one. As I’m left handed, the front crosses from the right and ties on the left. I enjoyed knitting this – seamless is the way to go!
Baby kimono sweater

L. learns how to take a “knitter’s self portrait”
knitters self portrait

Don’t I look smart?
Looking smart in my sweater

Drool proof.
Cotton sweaters...

This photo shoot is over!
This photo shoot is over!


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