Stash Surprise

Stash Surprise
Originally uploaded by nutmegknitter

I was digging through a stash box – it’s mostly yarn I’m not wild about and / or leftovers – and I found this. It’s a ribbon-yarn-scarf – I think the yarn is Plymouth Eros. It just needs a few more ends for fringe. Thing is, I hate it – I’m never going to wear it. I realize it’s spring and wamring up, but would anyone like a ribbon scarf? Or know of someplace I could donate it?

The photo is a little dark, but it’s blues (like a turquoise / teal and sapphire) and green (mild lime..)

One thought on “Stash Surprise

  1. Substance abuse treatment centers and homeless shelters are full of adults who are pretty sure no one on earth cares enough about them to give them something nice.Or bring it to a Starbucks and forget it. Someone will love to show their friends their new handknit scarf. 🙂

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