Attention Walmart Shoppers (the job post)

L. & I were out at Walmart this afternoon. We had just started our poking / shopping when the power went out – I can overhear teeny-boppers screeching, and “Please escort your department’s customers to the front of the store” – I slowly start to make my way towrads the front when the lights came back on. Fine, I continue to poke, but as I get to where I want to be one of the workers is standing there waving her arms saying to the customers around her: No. You have to go to the front of the store. I turn the stroller about and we start to go to the front – where we are told “All the cashiers are available even if their lights are not on” – so I get the feeling this isn’t an emergency, just an inconvenience. While I’m observing this I get told twice, You have to exit the store. Why are they so panicky? You’re not helping very much – if it were an emergency you wouldn’t be ringing people’s purchases up!

I plurked that I had a job offer. I went on an interview on Monday not really expecting all that much to come from it, but apparently I was wrong. They did offer the job to me, but it’s full time, and I think it would be better to do part time – given day care costs and the whirlwind of getting that in gear. Plus, I don’t know if I was 100% into going back to work, I like staying at home with the girl. I miss work. I miss making money. And even though this job is in town (commute = 0!) it’s just not the right time. Hopefully something else will come along that’s even better.

3 thoughts on “Attention Walmart Shoppers (the job post)

  1. I don’t think it’s an emergency that they are worried about, it’s the stealing. When the power goes out, all security are out too until they get their back up generator to turn on. Security cameras needs power too! Plus it’s a Walmart you are in – they are so paranoid about stealing.

  2. Sounds like totally the right call on the job. Think it’s great you had the offer, so the decision could be yours, and clearly it shows that job opportunities will be there when you’re ready for them!

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