Internet Black Holes

What is it about sites like plurk and facebook – they just suck you in and WHOOSH, there goes an hour. Knitters have it tough though because we also have ravelry.

I’ve been knitting on all sorts of various projects and have a few ideas brewing in my head. Two of which require some design skills. The Yarn Harlot already posted what this is like, and she’s got it exactly right. I don’t want to say too much about what I’m planning until I’ve got a better working model to show, but it safe to say it involves baby toys, and two different baby hats that I have not yet seen anywhere. I am getting myself very obsessed with the idea of selling on etsy and local craft fairs – maybe this fall to start!

Betsy emailed me about her love of Green Gable. I have that pattern and actually started the sweater at least two years ago. I was knitting away and stopped because it dawned on me that I may not have enough yarn to finish. Fast forward to now and the world of ravelry and I was able to snoop through peoples stashes, find the yarn I was looking for and inquire about it. The two people I PM’d both were happy to send along their partial skeins to me. One gal did it for good karma, the other was happy to negotiate a trade – my koigu skeins for the yarn I needed AND she also sent me a skein of her hand-dyed! – it’s gorgeous! So now hopefully I can get that done and maybe even wear it!
Green Gable WIP
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport in Hydrangea

Finished another burp cloth / dishcloth, this one has several mistakes – I really wasn’t paying attention to this one. But, unless you’re a knitter / know the pattern / really look close, it’s hard to tell.
Yellow Dishcloth
Color is off on this one, it’s a bright sunshine yellow / french’s yellow mustard.

Went out to SnB last night – uniterrupted knitting time, yay! I was able to finish the heel flap and turn the heel on my noro socks, which are really growing on me. Hot heels!
Noro Sock WIP

Jackson has been sounding the alarm at all the bunnies in the yarn, but that seems to just make them want to be stubborn and not leave, which only makes him bark more. Endless cycle. But he looks cute in the window on guard!
At his post

3 thoughts on “Internet Black Holes

  1. Ah, so true about Internet Black Holes. I’m psyched you guys are on Facebook now though, it’s such a handy way to keep in touch! (Like we really have a problem with that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, check out my Ravelry page, I finally got photos up of all my finished projects and WIPs. Such a productive morning! Now to get some “real” work done…

  2. Oh and yes, chunk light is the less-mercury-laden tuna. Avoid albacore/white. Canned salmon is also a good option โ€”ย it’s always wild Alaskan, which is very low in toxins, fished more sustainably, and I swear, tastes just like tuna. I put it on a salad and Dan (the fish-hater) totally thought he was eating tuna. Full scoop/downloadable fish guide here:,21770,1708424,00.html(I'm replying here because I’m resisting Plurk – for now!)

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