Me & Indy

Took Jackson outside for a bathroom break – we go outside our house, down the walk, to the grass, he does his business, we return to the walk past the bushes and into the house. Something caught my eye…

Notice anything? Here, I’ll zoom in…




I don’t do very well with snakes,even tiny garter snakes(that’s what it is right?). Obviously I can do well enough to dash into the house to grab the camera, but anything that can climb trees and bushes without limbs freaks me out! I have great respect for the snake, and after he SSSSSSS’d his tongue out at me and went back inside the bush I scurried inside.

On the other hand I love my camera!

5 thoughts on “Me & Indy

  1. I seem to remember garter snakes being green, but that was back when I was not afraid of them and had a baby one as a pet, so don’t quote me. Maybe it’s a rat snake? Hmmm.True bloggers go get the camera to photograph scary things.

  2. What a beautiful snake! I’m not sure what kind it is – garter snakes come in many many varieties from black with green stripes to green to brown. It’s hard to judge size from the picture too. I wish that snake was in my yard, though!

  3. Eek! I have the same shrub and will look at it a little bit differently from now on. Ornamental tree or snake habitat? He did pose very nicely for you!

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