Central Park in progress

I’ve given in to my whims of being obsessed with out of season items – I’m going to do the afghan marathon for the ravelympics and I have started my central park hoodie. So far, I love everything about this project. I love the pattern, I love that it’s on US9!!! I love that I’ve been working on / off for a week on it and I’m just about done with the back – I’ve made armhole decreases, and have to work for another 5 or 6 inches. Love the yarn – cascade 220 heathers – it’s a green, but there’s teal-ish / turquoise-ish / lime-ish in there. Hard to photograph. Anyway:
One thing I realized after I started and made my way through the first cable, was that I should have switched the charts – they are meant to be knit A-B-C. I’m a lefty so for it to be all matchy-matchy with the pattern I should have worked C-B-A. Don’t care, makes it all the more unique for me.
Cable close up
Cable Closeup
I think that will be a future moo card or something.
Posting quickly, have to get the baby.

8 months!

Didn’t we just do June? My silly girl, time is flying!
8 Months!

8 months old and you already can do so much! You’ve become rather attached (to me) which I am ok with, but don’t you know that everyone wants a piece of you? You make so many people smile when we go out and about – everyone also thinks you look about a year older than you are. We tell them it is the hair – oh, the hair! It’s so light now – with highlights of gold and red, just like Mommy’s! We took you to get your bangs trimmed at the salon and you did great! Your latest trick is sticking your tongue out at everything, and even while you babble.

8 Months!
You are still on the move – getting faster every day! Not quite full on crawling on your hands and knees, but you combat crawl your way over to Jackson or across the room. Standing up is now fun again – you’ve gotten so strong to pull yourself up! We were very surprised to go get you from a nap and find a stuffed animal in your bed. We watched on the monitor and saw you pull yourself up and then were standing, ready and waiting the next time we came in to get you. Just last night you managed to pull the plastic bag that holds your hair clips off from the bookshelf – and into your crib! You must have had to work at that for a while – but good, puzzle it out and use those little grey cells!

8 Months!
You are still eating like a champ – even if you don’t love it (not every meal can be bananas and mango!) or wearing your bib! I’m still having fun making food for you and we have been branching out giving you things to try: pasta, avocado, clam cake, ice cream, couscous. Keep on keeping us busy!!

July 101 Update

Can’t believe it’s already July 30!!
Original post here. Updates: January, February, March


I like a challenge. I love lists. I think this sort of list would be good to help me keep some focus (on me) now that the bulk of my focus is on my family. This list has been inspired by my family, friends, and the other lists in blogs I read…

Day Zero, Home of 101/1001 Project
The Mission
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

My List
Start date : 01 January 2008
End date : 28 September 2010

Not yet started
In progress

1. Fill the large collage photo frames. (1/3)
2. Hang the photo-filled large collage photo frames (1/3)
3. Declutter: sell or give-away 101 material items I own (15/101)
-yarn, -clothes -books
4. Learn to use the drop spindle. Completed: 3/11/08
5. Make enough yarn on the drop spindle to make a hat.
6. Learn to crochet.
7. Use crochet to make a simple amigurumi character.
8. Open a savings account for Lorelai and save $250 (250/250) Complete: 5/17/08
9. See 10 movies in the movie theater (3/10)
**1)Sex & The City
**3)The Dark Knight
10. Submit my resume to the new science museum. Completed: 2/28/08
11. Attend a sheep and wool festival in CT
12. Go to the local farmer’s market 15 times (4/15)
13. Submit photos to the Durham and Guilford Fairs each year (0/6)
14. Submit knitted objects to the Durham and Guilford Fairs each year (0/6)
15. Photograph Lorelai on the 30th of each month (8/33)
16. Cook one new recipe a month (8/33)
**”Chicken Bruschetta Bake” from the Stove Top Stuffing Mix Box. Just ok.**
**”Curried Lamb” from Woman’s Day Magazine, crock-pot recipe. Bland.**
**”Stuffed Pepper Soup” copycat recipe of 99 restuarant recipe. Burnt the soup. Ick.**
**Turkey & Brocolli Casserole thing from Taste Of Home Magazine. Not bad.
**Mini Lamb Burgers with Couscous Salad from Real Simple – Delish!
**Baked Mac-n-Cheese with Chicken Sausage from “6 o’clock Scramble” online – yummy!
**Blueberry Cake from Cooking Light – ok, but all the blueberries sank to the bottom!
**Chrispy Chicken Romaine Salad – back of the bread crumb box – ok
17. Drink 2-3 Liters of water a day.
18. Write a letter to Koji and Noriko to tell them about Lorelai.
19. Knit a sweater for me that fits and I love. Glee!
20. Knit 30 socks (15 pairs) (4/30)
**Bartholomew’s Sock #1 done 1/21/08**
**Bartholomew’s Sock #2 done 2/4/08**
**Lenore Socks #1 & #2 done in 10 days! 2/14/08**
**Two wee socks (one for the wee sock swap) 3/30/08**
21. I want to make the “Heirloom Ring Blanket” for my mom. Deadline: December 2008.
22. Sign Up for the 100 Push Up Challenge
23. Complete the 100 push-up challenge: initial test, Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
24. Update the blog once a week for a year. (12/52)
25. Go to four dachshund meet-ups. (1/4)
26. Make updated moo cards.
27. Make my own granola.
28. Get a routine physical with an internist. Scheduled for August
29. Get a body scan to check on the freckles / moles.
30. Go to the dentist twice a year (0/6)Scheduled for August
31. Start doing yoga once a week, build up to three times a week.
32. Take Jackson for a walk daily, weather permitting. (Let’s face it, he’s a dachshund and doesn’t fare well in cold, wet, or snow)
33. Save $1 for every item completed from this list.
34. Sew a pair of pajama pants.
35. Read 10 books. (10/10)
**1) The Good Good Pig
**2) The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
**3) The Tender Bar
**4) You’re Not You
**5) Water for Elephants
**6) Diary
**7) The Know-it-all
**8) Prince Caspian
**9) Smotherhood
**10) Redstripe
**11) In Defense of Food
36. Create a coordinated Halloween costume for Lorelai and Jackson.
37. I’m going to allow myself to purchase yarn with the condition that an equal (or greater) amount leaves the house.
38. Clean out and organize the junk drawers in the kitchen (2/2) Complete: 6/29/08
39. Write recipes on recipe cards as needed. No more torn out from magazine papers!
40. Send the grandparents a card / Lorelai photo once a month (5/33)
41. Post an Update of my 101 each month (5/33)
42. Grow plant / veggie garden from seed.
43. Grow 3 “new to me” plants / veggies each year (3/9)
**1) Broccoli
**2) Peas
**3) Corn
44. Give blood once a year. (0/3)
45. Read “The Killer Angels”.
46. Try out peapod or other online grocery service.Complete: 1/2/08
47. Try out g-diapers.
48. Clean out email inbox and maintain so there’s never more than 100 messages in there at a time.
49. Get a professional portrait of Lorelai. Adorable.
50. Buy 5 gifts from etsy.com each year (1/15)
**PrettyInPosies hair clips for Lorelai**
51. Clean out / organize the bloglines reader to remove blogs unupdated / uninteresting / topics /etc. once each year (0/3)
52. Get back in shape to fit into my regular non-maternity clothes.
53. Bring old maternity clothes and newborn clothes to Beyond the Stork. Donated or put away
54. Replace the lights along the front walk. Complete: 6/8/08
55. Get back to at least my prepregnancy weight (minus an extra 5 – 7 pounds)
**As of 1/11/08 I’m down 28 pounds! 13 more to go to get to pre-preg.wt**
56. Buy a scale to keep an eye on #55.Complete: 1/15/08
57. Rediscover my yarn stash – pair up 20 new projects with stash yarn. (0/20)
58. Complete 20 projects using stash yarn (3/20)
**1) Snowman Hat **2)Bunny Cozies **3)Batman Hat
59. Knit 30 baby hats for charity, donate in Lorelai’s name. (1/30)
60. Make my own sushi.
61. Make photocards for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving on home computer.
62. See a Broadway show.Complete: 5/3/08 Macbeth
63. Visit New York City.Complete: 5/3/08
64. Snorkel in the British Virgin Islands.Complete: 4/22/08
65. Try 10 recipes from Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” (0/10)
66. Host a holiday dinner for the family at least once a year. (1/3) Easter ’08
67. Garden indoors with the AeroGarden, maintain the water and nutrients.
68. Get a bikini wax.
69. Vote for president.
70. Listen to 8 audio-books. (3/8)
**1) Microthrills by Wendy Spero
**2) The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood
**3) Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner
71. Get my first tattoo
72. Go back to church
73. Knit three projects from each knitting book I own.
**Itty Bitty Hats a)Snowman Hat b)Bunny Tails Hat c)Upside-Down Daisy
**Mason-Dixon Knitting a)Baby Genius Burp Cloth
74. Join a local mom+baby group.
**Does Gymboree count? Went to class on 1/9/08, plan to keep going**
**Found a local group – much better in terms of time and location!**
75. Copy the phone numbers in my cell phone into my paper address book.
76. Reinstall itunes.Complete: 1/3/2008
77. Expose myself to new music: Listen to one new artist a week (3/143)
78. See if the nerds / geeks can rescue the data from the Dell hard drive.
79. Get back on birth control. completed 1/13/08
80. Write a letter a month (2/33)
81. Sort through the boxes brought home from school.
82. Fully update stash on ravelry.
83. Fully update books on ravelry.
84. Fully update needles on ravelry.
85. Set up an etsy shop. Complete: 6/27/08
86. Sell 25 items from etsy shop. (1/25)
87. Get a table / space at a local craft fair.
88. Knit Dan & Virginia’s wedding afghan. Deadline: June 2009.
89. Knit afghan for me!
90. Re-read 10 books that I read when I was in grades 6 – 8. (0/10)
91. Purchase a TerraPass / CO2 offset for my car / home / acrylic knitting.
92. Knit all holiday gifts by December 13.
93. Embroider a onesie for Lorelai.
94. Use the canvas / knit bags not plastic when shopping. This is a full time habit now
95. Try sign language with Lorelai – 5 signs (0/5)
96. Come in second in the fantasy football league.
97. Read more than just the Art section of the New York Times Weekend Edition (\2\4/143)
98. Eat vegetarian for a week.
99. Learn to make pancakes.
100. Eat out at 5 new restaurants (5/5)
**The Time Out Tavern, Durham, CT
**The New Deal Steakplace, Westbrook, CT
**Mia Dona, New York City
**Nellie Green, Branford, CT
**Miso, New Haven, CT
**Tuscany Grill, Middletown, CT
101. Smile everyday. Be a good example / role model for my daughter. Be a good wife to my husband.

Ocean State

Lorelai and I went in to Rhode Island with my mom to visit my grandmother and spend the night. We had a really great time and it was good my grandmother got to have one-on-one time with the baby – we’re seeing her again at Labor Day, but everyone will be there, so this is special for gram. She loved it – especially when she went to give Lorelai some ice cream and told her “You have to sit up” and Lorelai sat up! No joke. Made Gram’s day! We had gone to Champlins for dinner – chowder and clam cakes, YUM! After, we walked over to the beach – first time for Lorelai – didn’t go down near the water, maybe next time.

What’s this?

Sand? Hrm.

My girl is a thinker.
Beach Thinker

I brought knitting, but didn’t take it out of the bag at all. I’m halfway up the back on my Central Park Hoodie and I’m loving it!!

Kids at play

Kids at play
Originally uploaded by nutmegknitter

Lorelai and I bought a new toy for Jackson on Friday – it’s a long dog, with a rope middle. Friday night he spent 2 hours working on destuffing the tail end (successful!). This morning, he got the rest of the stuffing out of the head. Makes me think of that petsmart commercial with the dachshund and his bobo. That’s clever (toy was basically the same shape / size as the dog) but not really true – dachshunds like to destuff and then they are done. Lorelai is entertained by the fluff every where. Luckily she hasn’t tried to mimic Jackson (yet).

Knitting while you wait

Friends of ours are expecting a baby boy any day now. Actually the little one is a week late and it was thought mom would be induced on Friday and we could go visit today. Well, there weren’t any beds available, so now the induction is put on hold until Monday! Hoping it would help things along, I made Logan a new hat, hoping that would be the magic touch for him to hurry on up! I’ll be making him a pumpkin hat later on, and have burp cloths ready for him, but this hat is special.
Bat Hat
Batman!! I felt a little strange knitting a black hat for a baby, but his Dad is a huge fan of Batman, so I am confident it will be appreciated. I followed the Lil’ Devil Baby hat pattern and used Rowan handknit dk cotton (plurkers this is why I asked if 92 yards would be enough) – I have a bit left over. Started and finished in one day, super!
Size-wise, Lorelai can wear it –
Bat Hat 2
So there’s room to grow.
Even though we’re not going to meet Logan this weekend, we are going out to dinner. Yay – new restaurant for us, somewhere in Middletown. Good times.

Not right either.

I’ve got this idea in my head to make a witch hat. For babies. I started with one pattern and got something way too big. A bit of re-thinking and I decided to start again and this time make the newborn size (less knitting to see if it works!) Well. It doesn’t match what’s in my head. I’m not sure what to do next. I think I’ve got the brim down, it’s just a matter of shaping the body. Something with the decreasing…
witch's hat #1
The body seems too tall or something.
It is a newborn size so there’s no way it will fit Lorelai, but even so – I think we might be done with hats… (I may have to tie her hats to her head this winter!)

Jackson is off barking at a chipmunk fart or something, so here’s Lorelai for Dogs on Thursday reading one of her favorite books “That’s not my puppy”

And Lorelai’s newest trick? The tongue is out, all the time!
neener neener neener