Accountable. aka Being a grownup is boring.

Here’s my to-do list for to-day. Probably overly ambitious. Whatever.
In no particular order of importance.
*Find out what time the party on Sunday is. 1:00pm
*Find a green salad to make for party on Sunday.
*Get ingredients for green salad (and grocery shop for oj, half-half, milk, etc)
*Make Lorelai food cubes peaches, plums
*Try plums with Lorelai (with cereal?)
*Make blueberry muffins
*Finish spider face.
*Blog about spider. Broken dpns.
*Work on model knitting. Get sleeves done today.
*Work on test knitting. Get through decreases & eyelet row.
*Clean shower.
*Run load of laundry: Wash. Dry. Fold. Put Away.
*Burn CD.
*Dig out yarn for Betsy, Virginia?
*Cull stash for destashing – blog it / ravelry it
*Post office run – green swap, birthday in a box returns.
*Ebay stuff. take photos
*Find new credit card / call to activate it / destroy expired card.
*Bring box of clothes to basement.
*Bring goodwill clothes to car.
*Renew library books. Better yet just bring them to the library.
*Order snapfish prints.
*Photo Lorelai / Happy Birthday for MIL
*Get cards out in the mail for MIL birthday!

Stuff that can probably wait until tomorrow:
*Food cubes for Lorelai – sweet potato, carrots, apples
*Weed the garden.
*Dig out the wildflowers that are overwhelming one bed.
*Uncover desk: File paperwork. Chuck Recycle old magazines. Put knitting supplies away.
*Bring donation clothes to goodwill.


5 thoughts on “Accountable. aka Being a grownup is boring.

  1. Man, you are so ambitious! I feel lazy just reading your list! Hope you get to do a fun thing or two today as well! Great chatting with you yesterday! I have really missed our Thursday mornings!

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