FOs! Finally!

My blog has been wordy for a few days now. Today I’ve got knitting to show! Yay!
When I posted my to-do list back on Friday, it included “spider face” and “blog spider, broken dpns” – Here’s the spider:
Knit Spider

Lorelai and I go to a baby group that uses plastic easter eggs with stuff inside to shake when we sing songs – I took it one step further and knit up the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” – he’s about 3.5 inches long and 4.5 inches across with his legs. I’m thinking about making more (I have ideas for a whole animal set!) to sell either on etsy or a local craft fair. Lorelai is napping right now, which is why the photo is of me holding the spider, not her. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, and when I was making the legs (icord) I used my US2 dpns. Not the best idea as I broke two of them in the process:
Two broken dpns

I’m still knitting burp cloths (again, to either sell on etsy or a craft fair) – I think I have made enough for Lorelai – she’s less drooly now, and not spitting up so much… but they are just like potato chips – can’t knit just one. And they are easy enough to work on while she’s crawling around – I can drop it to go grab her, knit while I watch her, and it’s great mindless tv knitting.
Violet stripes burpcloth Daisy burpcloth
The roobeez shoes are just for scale. I love how the stripes really striped! Peaches’n Creme (or Sugar’nCream?) yarn. 1 skein = 1 cloth.

Also exciting news, I’m now a LoopyGroupie!!
I'm a Loopy Groupie!
I had ordered a “To-Go” knit pouch, kitchner dog tag (because I can never remember how to do it correctly), and a pattern for Merry-Janes. It was my 6th order, so I received the tote bag, a key chain, peppermints, and a skein of jknits “Florida” – so very cool!
jknits florida LoopyEwe keychain Loopy Ewe Order
The Loopy Ewe rocks!!

Yesterday, Betsy was in town for a whirlwind visit and Lorelai and I were lucky enough to be on her “must see” list 🙂 She helped me with some destashing (which, by the way – yarncycle on ravelry? incredible. I posted stuff there and it was all taken / claimed within hours!!) I have gotten “rid” of ~30 skeins since the weekend. Yay! More room for new yarns (just don’t tell Dan yet!) I am dreaming now about sweaters and blankets. I want to make a blanket for my mom for christmas / her birthday (considering it for the ravelympics) and for Dan / me for next year (our 5th anniversary!). And Betsy is way ahead of me on her Central Park Hoodie… What is it with knitters and dreaming out of season? I don’t want to be like the marketers at the stores – I saw candy corn for sale at the supermarket already!!

I’m in a finishing mood, so I should go back to my test knit & model knitting or cleaning….

2 thoughts on “FOs! Finally!

  1. Free gifts are the greatest! You are going to love the Go Knit pouch–I use mine for socks and sometimes just snap it onto my purse or around my wrist!

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