How I spend my days

Here I go
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Lorelai has discovered her Everest. The stairs.

I think this is my new favorite photo, but it’s so sad at the same time – she’s growing up so fast and soon she’ll be doing who knows how many things and headed away from me!

The stairs don’t end where she’s headed – that’s the landing – there’s another set of stairs before you reach the second floor. She’s so determined – she’ll crawl out of our family room, up the step into the kitchen, through the kitchen to the hallway and start up the stairs. I know it’s a path we walk daily while holding her, it just seems funny to see her do it on her own. She loves climbing, pulling herself up. We’re not cruising yet, but it’s coming. Now that she’s this mobile it makes knitting while she plays more difficult – I can’t be ready to catch her with pointy sticks in my hands!

Speaking of the pointy sticks, last week at SnB (which had to be the biggest one yet – 20 people?) I thought I was golden with the knitting rounds on the Hemlock Ring. Well, I got through those then started the next pattern row and I didn’t have enough stitches! GRR. I let the project sit all weekend and I picked it up on Monday – I undid 2 knit rows, and threw in some increases to get the # of stitches right. Knock wood, we seem to be smooth sailing now. I’m up to row 72. So, if I go until row 121 (I think I’ve seen most projects go that far) then I’m more than halfway done! Yay.

L and I took Jackson to the vet today for a Lyme update / physical. He’s 13.5 pounds – a pound heavier than last year. I know he needs more exercise and probably a few less treats. I have no shame in bribing my dog around the house to stop barking or to reinforce good behavior, especially around the baby. Poor scaredy-cat though, while we were waiting to pay he threw up all over the place! Nerves I guess.

8 thoughts on “How I spend my days

  1. Doesn’t it just break your heart, that pride/bittersweet thing? My husband’s philosophy is something to the effect of, “As a parent, your job is to make yourself obsolete.”Which is true, but still. Do they have to grow so fast??As for the Hemlock Ring, I just made one last week – it just flew off the needles. Stitch markers for each little section repeat were completely necessary for me, and I love the results enough that I plan on making a full-size one for myself… someday.

  2. what a great picture of her on the steps. Before long she will be looking at it and not believing how quickly the time went. Life really goes by so fast. I can’t wait to do my hemlock ring.:D

  3. She’s mobile. (Hide the car keys.) There’s nothing cuter than watching a toddler on the stairs from behind. Is it legal for me to call her a toddler? She’s toddling.I counted 24 at SnB. Yowza. Won’t be doing cables there this week. No sir. Garter stitch is the way to go when there’s that many people. And cake.

  4. Cute cute cute! She’s growing up so fast! I can’t wait to come back to Thursday knitting regularly to see her all the time!Sorry to hear about the afghan, but glad that things worked out in the end! I think I will finish in time. My piece is made, I just have to write up the pattern and the – gulp – schematic…oh, and take pics with the camera I don’t know how to use yet….hmmm, can I revise that optimistic outlook? Good luck!

  5. That really is an adorable picture! I cant believe she’s already moving around like that. Time just flies – doesnt it!And I still need to block my Hemlock! That’s where I am afraid to proceed. Gotta do it though!

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