More on Crochet

Photo proof of the crochet-in-progress on the turtle-in-progress:
turtle crochet

I’m so excited with myself that I immediately cast on for a crochet-dishcloth (baby drool cloth) because I can.
OMG I crochet!
I think it’s working! The edges seem a little bit wonky to me, but I’m not going to worry about it, since there is also a border of some sort in the pattern. I have been now holding the hook in my left hand and that works a little better. I’m sortof making it like knitting in that while I’ve got the hook and yarn in my left hand, my right hand is holding the work / manipulating the loops as needed. I’ve got the book “Cozy Crochet” and my plan is to do the dishcloth (in progress) and then coasters. Then amigurumi, watch out! I’m just giddy with this. (Cross one more thing of the 101 / 1001 list!)

Not to leave out the knits, here’s one of my latest FOs.

2 thoughts on “More on Crochet

  1. You’re doing great on the crochet! It’s definitely useful to be able to do both. And by the way, my crochet edges are always that way- I just single crochet around the outside of my dishcloths (picking up 1 st for every st on the top and bottom edges, and 1 st for every other st on the left and right edges).

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