Neck Sock Finished!

Neck Sock Finished!
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I finished this cowl neck sock at SnB last week. I want to promote the word “Neck Sock” – neckwarmer can be misleading (Oh, you mean a scarf!) and no one really seems to know what a cowl is anyway. Neck sock is just right. Anyway, I love it. I knit this up in three days! Pattern is Chickadee Cowl (free, pdf link on the blog sidebar). I think I was taken by this for two reasons – 1) I spotted on on Ravelry that was knit with STR held double – thought that was fantastic! 2) My 6th and 8th grade teacher (same lady), Mrs. Baranski always called us “Her Little Chickadees”. I will forever associate chickadees with Mrs. B. Wish I could locate her and catch up – she was awesome. I picked up some (surprisingly soft) “Mary’s Little Lamb Light Worsted” from Farmhouse Yarns / CT Yarn & Wool – colorway is Sedona, and I held it doubled. I love it and can’t wait to wear it all the time, if only the humidity would go away. Bring on fall!!

Happy / exciting news! I’m going to be doing a craft fair!! October 18, with fellow knitter / blogger, PeacefulKnitter – I’m going to do burp cloths and rattles and a few hats. So excited and nervous at the same time. How much inventory to prepare? How to price my work? How to display?

I really like how the iphone & not very flattering bathroom lighting actually took that photo. I seem to have a healthy complexion, not freckled-speckled-death-pale as is my norm. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Neck Sock Finished!

  1. Very, very pretty! And, I agree, ‘neck sock’ is describes what kind of pattern this is more accurately. Have fun at your craft fair. Start out marking high and then go down a little bit if they don’t sell.

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