Fair Season

It’s that time of year – you wake up and it’s cooler outside, a little bit crisp in the air, and then by early afternoon everything is all warmed up! Enjoyable for sure – just right for the fair. It is a small fair (Durham is my favorite – more food choices!) but still fun. We went early this morning and brought Lorelai to see the animals (Macaws in with goats? Sure. Didn’t see the elephant – hope he’s ok.) – her reaction was a bit reserved at the petting zoo. I tried to be excited for her – oooh! Sheep! Llamas!
Wool Source!

She seemed to be trying to figure out the noises when we walked through the tents of bunnies & ducks & chickens & cows & sheep.

She did seem quite interested in fair food – we shared fried dough (with sugar and cinnamon – no sauce! yuck. If I wanted pizza I would get a slice, fried dough is a dessert! even at 10:30 in the morning. Perfectly acceptable for breakfast!)
Fried Dough 1
Fried Dough 2

We are planning to take her to the Durham fair next week – hopefully it will go just as smoothly!

5 thoughts on “Fair Season

  1. Oh, that pic of you and her eating fried dough is adorable!!! She looks so happy! That’s a keeper, for sure! I’m jealous, we didn’t make it to either fair this year…maybe next year!

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