Craft Fair

I’ve been mentioning the upcoming craft fair in this blog for a while now. The time has come – the big event is tomorrow! It’s sure to be a day to remember (especially with theatreknitter in town, and a trip to Rhinebeck for NY Sheep & Wool Saturday / Sunday!). If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday, swing on by and say “Hi!”. Should be a nice fall event – I’m thinking it’s got a Gilmore Girls / Stars Hollow sort of feel to it, without the crazy townsfolk (one would hope).

Read all about it. (Local paper article).

One of the fliers I’ve been seeing around town.

Sneak Peek at our table (poor lighting in the basement, low quality camera ability)
(brup cloths)

(neckwarmers – by PeacefulKnitter!, seasonal hats (acorns mostly), rattles)

Ready or not, here we come!


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