The Rhinebeck Experience – Part 2

After a “rest” (the hotel room was so hot! What’s up with that?) and a continental breakfast with the group (Costumechick, Knelley, the Mad-knitter, Wife,Mom,Knitter, YankeeLagniappe and Backstageknits) we headed out to the festival. Still so giddy!

It was such a beautiful day – perfect fall weather! Our first stop, which was a very smart decision, was to meet the authors for book signings. Ann & Kay are sweethearts – and I so want to make the potholder / hot hands after seeing it in person!
Betsy & Mason-Dixon Knitters
There they are! the Mad-knitter brought her log cabin blanket to show them –
It’s so fantastic! They were impressed – I believe they said to her “That’s a lot of knitting!” 🙂

Next up, we hopped in line to see the YarnHarlot – I don’t know how she does it – she’s got to be exhausted from all the people, but she’s fantastic! She complemented my hat (it was the unoriginal hat) and I professed my love for “Lenore’s”, then in what I hope was not a weird request, I asked for some good juju with my chevron scarf. She was wearing one (which she said she didn’t make, but it’s the Yarn Harlot and I’m gidddy about knitting celebrities) – I decreased and then didn’t increase enough the night before.

She politely touched the chevron scarf, and hopefully now I can fix the mistakes and get it done!

While we waited in line I spotted scout and couldn’t muster up the courage to say Hi (and tell her how awesome her scout swag club was!). I also spotted Amy Singer and Caro – but both times I was a chicken about going up and saying Hi and didn’t think to pull out my camera to kinnear them. Oh well. Brushes with greatness still make me happy!

We made our way through the vendors – I think we did quite well, we took our time and shopped but were also able to go back and get things we liked. I was surprised that there wasn’t more in the way of indie-hand-dyed / painted stuff. I found myself picking up several items only to realize that it’s something I can get here in CT at one of my LYS’s, so I put it back (gotta support the local economy too!) However, I did find several unique things:

Hope Spinnery – I’m a sucker for anything with “Hope” in the title – it will at least get me to give a closer look. It’s a Wind powered fiber mill – How cool is that? And the tags / sign:
Hope Spinnery
Intentional Fibers, Produced with Intention. Love it! I selected 2 skeins of “Barn” (which I think looked like a color Nana would like)

We met back up with our group around lunchtime (we missed the Ravelry meetup, boo!) and found the Peacefulknitter and Sweetie had come to the fair! I was kinneared!
becca & kelly

We went back for more shopping and ended up at Jamie Harmon’s booth – what fun colors! and so soft!
VT yarn

I love my new project bag from GoMonkeyDesigns:
New favorite bag
I’ve already got my Mystery Sock project in there. I feel for the gal – she said she sold out on Saturday and was up late that night to make more product for sunday!

My last purchase of the day came from JenniethePotter – my new favorite mug:
New Favorite Mug
A little dish:
And the sock yarn I bought (already caked up!) from The March Hare
March Hare yarn

Conni Togel’s art was so wonderful! Saw several prints I would have loved to buy – my favorite was “Making Ends Meet”

What a fantastic time! It was like being at the Durham Fair, but entirely yarn and fiber!

There was a glitch in the weekend, I wasn’t going to blog it, but it really is a bloggable thing. Betsy and I got back into the next town over – I turned a corner and didn’t see the red light until too late – I made a split second (bad) decision and got caught. We were pulled over and I got a ticket. Bah. First ticket in my diving career. Groan. Good thing I kept my spending in check, eh?

6 thoughts on “The Rhinebeck Experience – Part 2

  1. Hey, you did all that and spent some time DIVING, too? How in the heck do you get a ticket for bad diving? Ah, no water, that would do it :).I’m so glad you guys came! It was such a blast! Well, aside from the hot uncomfortable sleeping part, LOL! Thanks for including my pic with the blanket – I saw you taking the pic and thought, what a sweetie she is! Can’t wait to see you on Thursday and hash it over all over again!

  2. thank you sooo much for posting the link to jamie harmons website. that was an item I should have gotten but held back, and I really liked that happy. Next year, you will talk to all of those celebrities you see. seriously, I have a big mouth. so not afraid to walk up to strangers for you, you know that.

  3. So jealous!!! All the goodies look wonderful! Blah on the ticket – you should have just pulled out your yarn right there to feel the wooly goodness instead of the ticket madness!!!

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