Craft Fair

I’ve been mentioning the upcoming craft fair in this blog for a while now. The time has come – the big event is tomorrow! It’s sure to be a day to remember (especially with theatreknitter in town, and a trip to Rhinebeck for NY Sheep & Wool Saturday / Sunday!). If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday, swing on by and say “Hi!”. Should be a nice fall event – I’m thinking it’s got a Gilmore Girls / Stars Hollow sort of feel to it, without the crazy townsfolk (one would hope).

Read all about it. (Local paper article).

One of the fliers I’ve been seeing around town.

Sneak Peek at our table (poor lighting in the basement, low quality camera ability)
(brup cloths)

(neckwarmers – by PeacefulKnitter!, seasonal hats (acorns mostly), rattles)

Ready or not, here we come!

Biting off more than I can chew

My Own Apple
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Lorelai loved getting her own apple yesterday is an understatement. I have the photos of her screaming when I took it away to take a bite (gasp! and it was my apple to begin with. I thought, oh wouldn’t it be a funny photo if she tries to bite the apple. yeah, I started something there.)

Since I haven’t been working since June 2007 (and it was terrible then), I’ve had zero stress. Really. Pregnancy, new baby and all, I don’t have much to stress about. The negative things are beyond my control and day-to-day is just not chaotic. A bit crazy somedays, sure, but nothing like it used to be. Until now.

It may be all in my head, but I am definitely starting to stress about the craft fair next week. Maybe it’s more anxious / anxiety. I am still knitting away. I’ve got tags and business cards in various states of completion. I’ve got projects on the needles all over my house. I’ve got ends to weave in.

*AND* I’m working, part time, at home for google. So I’m trying to get my hours in on that, because you know, money is good and all that. *AND* I’m trying to maintain the day-to-day stuff. Lorelai may be a bit more independent, but it really feels like when she’s awake I’m getting less done and very little done during her naps.

Bite, bite, chew, chew, it’s all good. This face says it all.
Nom nom nom

Cold Work

What is up with this house? It’s freezing inside. I don’t know why. I’m not even sure where to start looking for drafts / leaks. Ugh.

It was a rough weekend ’round these parts. Friends came in for the weekend – they bring their bassett hound as well, so the house is quite full. Jackson and their dog ignore each other for the most part. Lorelai was beyond thrilled to see another (bigger) dog. We planned to go out for dinner on Saturday. Our reservations weren’t until 8, so we had time to drop off Lorelai with her grandparents early and we could go for drinks / appetizers. The appetizers were yummy, and the drinks (martinis) were on the strong side. I had a delicious Grape Cosmo that I would love to have again. So we’re at least 4 drinks in by the time we get to the restaurant for dinner. Yeah, um, the other gal in our party was sick at the restaurant and we ended up leaving without even eating there. We got home, picked up the baby (I think I was a babbling fool to my FIL, I asked him about scrapple (learned about that at SnB) – some odd PA food, he had heard of it.), brought the baby home and the boys went out to get fast food. It was delicious, but I think it was the huge soda that did me in. I got sick, but it was quick and the next day I wasn’t really hungover. So, yay on that.

Last night, Lorelai was up at 3:30 with a bloody nose! Looked a lot worse than it actually was – I think she was just all stuffed up and these things happen. She just wanted to snuggle – I would try to put her back in her crib and she would clutch at my arms like I was dropping her down some well or something, not in her own space. We were up until 4:30, so yeah, we’re tired today. I’ve been trying to do my work, clean up the house, run the laundry and knit. That hasn’t happened yet – I’ve got to go make dinner after this post so I can just pop it in the oven later. So it goes.

But I’ve got pictures! Peacfulknitter brought the “Through The Loops Mystery Sock KAL” to my attention (I’ll link it up later – you can find it on ravelry) – it is Socktober you know. I could use a new pair of socks – the sanrio ones are thick, more like house sock / slippers. And I just found out that I somehow shrank a pair of socks (I think they went for an adventure in the dryer). Of course I could be working on the second sock of my Tidal Wave pair – I finished that sock oh, back in April. Or I could get back on track with the Noro sock (I’m thinking about frogging it though and using the yarn to make the One Skein, a Stole instead). This KAL let me wind up new yarn (Neighborhood Fiber Co Watershed yarn, Thomas Circle colorway – my DC vacation yarn). I like the idea of getting a piece of the pattern at a time (though, I still have the Mystic Light Shawl that started out great that way and now it’s hibernating.) It feels good to work on tiny needles with thin yarn – I’m about fed up with cotton. Enough rambling, here’s a picture. Clue #1, the cuff, is complete.

And the kids are together, yet so far apart.
(I think Lorelai is grinding her teeth in this photo. Mommy kryptonite at its best!)

She’s reaching into the bench – it’s got a hinge top, so I store stuff underneath. I think she found the plastic bag of lollipops.

I love the Yarn Harlot’s post about Greg Kinnear, kinnearing in action!
I’ll link stuff later, I’m cold, lazy and inundated with other things I need to get done.