It’s Coming on Christmas

I’m one of those people that can not stand anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Sure, it’s a pain to prepare to host or to pack up and travel but all you have to do is eat! That I can do.

I will shop for Christmas gifts throughout the year because I have learned my lesson that if you wait the item you want will not be there when you go back to find it. But to go into Sprawl-mart or Tar-ghay and see decorations / hear carols drives me mad! I did spot some Christmas lights up last week at houses and I just grit my teeth and drove on. (Random side note, talking about gritting one’s teeth – I now wear a nightguard to protect my own teeth from further grinding damage. I think I’m clenching harder now that I have something to actually chew on. Weird. Anyway.)

We pulled out the garland and light for our stairway this afternoon. I had some fun playing around with the camera settings and was hoping I might luck out with a Christmas card photo. Didn’t quite work out, but I got some neat shots.
I’m really pleased with this one:
Black and White garland

This might be my new favorite picture of Lorelai:

I swear, she does smile, but she was serious about the lights:
Garland 1

And then, bored:
Garland 2

Possibilities for the card:

Gentle glow
I like this last one the best, but she’s still out of focus.

Catch Up.

A few weeks back one of my good friends requested a custom knit hat for her new baby, Will. She wanted several key features – navy blue & white colors, earflaps, ties, a sort of floppy top and a tassle at the end. I sent her many options to see online and went from there.
Will's hat #3
I mostly went by “Color at Play” from the book Babies & Toddlers: A Knitters Dozen and to try and get the sizing right I took inspiration and guidance from “Itty Bitty Hats” (my baby hat bible). I did add the blue crochet edging and am quite pleased with my single crochet skills. Go me. As far as the fit goes, well – Will’s a sturdy guy and there’s room to grow in it (it fits Lorelai, but we all know she’s a peanut).
Will's Hat #1 Will's Hat #2
(pardon the red eyes, he’s not a devil baby, he’s adorable and sweet and has a fantastic little smile. poor guy has been traveling and was just out of sorts.)

Since he’s the new baby and I never really got to have Lorelai wear her Jive Turkey Hat, we stuck that on him as well.
Jive Turkey Will
Poor babies, people are always putting stuff on them!

In town, traditionally the high school reunions are held the day after Thanksgiving. My friends and I have all skipped our 10 year reunions in favor of spending time with each other, since we’re not often given the opportunity to all be together. And we used to spend a lot of time together doing drama club. A great equalizer that was – didn’t really matter if you were a freshman or senior. Anyway, here we are now:
Anti-reunion reunion
Respectively: Mike (Class of ’97), Betsy(’95), me (’96), Jenny (’98) and Vik (’95). Will probably won’t be attending our town high school, but Lorelai will – class of 2025, OMG. That seems like forever from now, and will be here so soon!)

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

This past weekend went by in a blur – Dan & I went with friends to the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Saturday / Sunday. It was a good time, but those casinos are draining. It’s sensory overload – there’s music, lights, textures and patterns. I did like the carpet in our hotel room:
Anyway, we played some blackjack (after a practice session the night before with Cheerios). I only played a few hands – I find it way too fast / intimidating and then you have the regular players that shout and you “NO! Don’t hit on 12 / 13 / 14!”. Dan stuck with it, he was up, down / broke even and in the end lost, but it was a good time.
I really enjoyed the place we stopped at for food before we started gambling, Burke in the Box – Dan & I had different sliders – cheeseburger and chicken parm. They were so cute – had to take a photo;
Burke in a box - sliders
(When I took this photo I thought of Phoebe because she often has food pictures on her blog! Jennsquared too!)

And here we are,
Dan & Becca
Tomorrow is our 4th Anniversary. We’re celebrating today (dinner and a movie (double yum!). We’re hosting Thanksgiving, so we expect tomorrow will be a bit crazy with prep. Actually we’re in good shape I think, even with Lorelai all about and underfoot.

I’ve just about finished a hat for a new baby we get to meet on Friday, but it still needs a tassel and I would rather show it off on the actual baby (I hope it fits!) It was a custom job requested by his mom….

I’ve also been looking at the past novembers – I was waiting a lot in November 2007, prepping in November 2006 (those WIPS from 11/13/06? Still not done. I think they are still on the needles. I should rip those out. The LnV socks I plan to fix though) and in November 2005 I was being a teacher and hadn’t learned how to balance my time yet. In 2004 I married… (a photo was posted in december, here). Good times.

On the Move

Last night Lorelai started walking! We can get her to walk between us – maybe 5 – 6 steps – it’s just incredible to watch her figure out her balance and such. I think she likes the falling part too. She’s such an imp! Feeding is now more of an issue – I know I need to get her to eat more veggies, but she has mastered spitting them back out or flinging them everywhere. Groan. At least she’s cute!

I finished the “Bitty Bolero” by PixiePurls for Lorelai this morning. Quick knit! One skein! It’s just a little snug, my gauge was probably off, but it’s a pattern I would knit again (in a larger size it would probably take 1 skein and then maybe half of the 2nd skein?). I used encore worsted that I got for 60% off (!). We’re celebrating Lorelai’s birthday next week on Thanksgiving and she was gifted a very cute ballerina-ish birthday dress – tank top style. So she’ll wear that with a onesie and this little sweater.


Cover every little neck

a.k.a. My dog is a good sport part #3750293854 (note to Emmie beloved cat of Knelley, you could be a better sport!)




I’ve been wanting to make this for a while – it’s a “Snood for a Hound” ravelry-link by Erssie. I love pretty much any dog anyway, but the hounds have a special place in my heart. It’s a combination of the face and ears – such personality. I dream of getting an Italian greyhound (or rescue a greyhound) and naming it “Fragile” (Think Christmas Story pronunciation). But that’s a long way off, I wouldn’t dare do that to Jackson. I will, however, dress the dog in handknits. Anyway, Erssie sold this pattern to raise $$ for greyhound rescue.

I did have to make a few slight modifications – Jackson has a long body and head, but a short neck. I followed the pattern in the beginning, did one cable round, knit 11 rib rounds after that and bound off. The yarn is Vanna’s Choice (acrylic) in a Rust colorway, leftover from a pumpkin hat. Jackson does get chilly but really gets a tad freaked out by wearing a sweater (he shakes harder!) so I’m hoping that this will give him some extra warmth (who doesn’t like a bit of warmth around their neck?) without the full-on sweater-pressure. And it can be worn in a variety of styles. It also helps that he’s ready to fall asleep with it on as I type this. I plan to get a few more photos of him walking around with it on.

Good dog!