Cover every little neck

a.k.a. My dog is a good sport part #3750293854 (note to Emmie beloved cat of Knelley, you could be a better sport!)




I’ve been wanting to make this for a while – it’s a “Snood for a Hound” ravelry-link by Erssie. I love pretty much any dog anyway, but the hounds have a special place in my heart. It’s a combination of the face and ears – such personality. I dream of getting an Italian greyhound (or rescue a greyhound) and naming it “Fragile” (Think Christmas Story pronunciation). But that’s a long way off, I wouldn’t dare do that to Jackson. I will, however, dress the dog in handknits. Anyway, Erssie sold this pattern to raise $$ for greyhound rescue.

I did have to make a few slight modifications – Jackson has a long body and head, but a short neck. I followed the pattern in the beginning, did one cable round, knit 11 rib rounds after that and bound off. The yarn is Vanna’s Choice (acrylic) in a Rust colorway, leftover from a pumpkin hat. Jackson does get chilly but really gets a tad freaked out by wearing a sweater (he shakes harder!) so I’m hoping that this will give him some extra warmth (who doesn’t like a bit of warmth around their neck?) without the full-on sweater-pressure. And it can be worn in a variety of styles. It also helps that he’s ready to fall asleep with it on as I type this. I plan to get a few more photos of him walking around with it on.

Good dog!

5 thoughts on “Cover every little neck

  1. my tia tried to simulate her own version of this by climbing into the sleeve of my hubby’s fleece sweatshirt.. Not the brightest dog.. as once she got in… she needed assistance to get back out! hmmm…. maybe she’s seen other dogs sportin these and was trying to send me a message?Yarn Basket has Doggie Knits which has cute hats, etc in it!!

  2. Hey Jackson. You and me. We need to talk. You’re a pushover. Stand up for yourself. My mom thinks you’re adorable – and you are, but . . . geez. A snood? Really? Well . . . it does look kind of cozy. Hmmmm . . .Your friend, Emmie

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