On the Move

Last night Lorelai started walking! We can get her to walk between us – maybe 5 – 6 steps – it’s just incredible to watch her figure out her balance and such. I think she likes the falling part too. She’s such an imp! Feeding is now more of an issue – I know I need to get her to eat more veggies, but she has mastered spitting them back out or flinging them everywhere. Groan. At least she’s cute!

I finished the “Bitty Bolero” by PixiePurls for Lorelai this morning. Quick knit! One skein! It’s just a little snug, my gauge was probably off, but it’s a pattern I would knit again (in a larger size it would probably take 1 skein and then maybe half of the 2nd skein?). I used encore worsted that I got for 60% off (!). We’re celebrating Lorelai’s birthday next week on Thanksgiving and she was gifted a very cute ballerina-ish birthday dress – tank top style. So she’ll wear that with a onesie and this little sweater.


12 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. What a precious little munchkin! Good luck to both of you with the walking thing!Has she tried the v-8 brand fruit/veggie juices? My step-daughter had (still has) an aversion to vegetables, but she’ll gulp that right down.

  2. Yay Lorelai! The world is yours for the taking now. :-)I can’t get over how much hair she has. In my family, all the babies tend to be bald, or near-bald, well into their first year, so babies with hair always surprise me! I love that little shrug. Too cute!

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